Éric Rochard

Senior research scientist in conservation ecology

INRAE Nouvelle-Aquitaine Bordeaux, Unit EABX


My researches are in fish ecology and conservation with a strong focus on diadromous species in temperate regions worldwide. I have a specific expertise on most European and North American Atlantic diadromous species (shads, sturgeons, lampreys, eels, flounders, mullets, smelts…).

In the past, I did many works on migration and population dynamics of these species. Now I focus my works on the ecological responses of diadromous species to two main drivers: climate change and contamination. I address these questions at different scales from experiments on individuals (Phd thesis on the responses of shad’s embryos to environmental contamination) to modeling their distribution according to scenarios.

I am involved in several fish recovery plans and I have been coordinating researches to suport the French European sturgeon action plan.

Talk: Lessons from Acipenser sturio and A. oxyrinchus restoration programs